What has the media recently said about QuietOn Noise Cancelling earbuds?

QuietOn Sleep has caught the attention among reviewers and bloggers throughout the web again. Here are some snippets from recent posts highlighting especially QuietOn Sleeps size.

“As you’d imagine the QuietOn Earbuds are a lot smaller than others, as they lack drivers etc. They fit right inside my ear and allow me to sleep on my side without any discomfort.” – jabbareviews.com

The possibility to sleep on your side with QuietOn Sleep is further highlighted in Sleepline.com, a web page focusing in solutions which make you sleep better.

“QuietOn earbuds are constructed with your ear’s anatomy in mind. They fit snugly and securely. The soft memory foam tips make the earbuds virtually unnoticeable from a feeling standpoint. I’m a side sleeper and I’m able to wear these without any discomfort.” – sleepline.com

Last but certainly not least, few words from Janis Brett Elspas from Mommy Blog Expert. She has made a comforting notion about QuietOns that could grap many sleep deprived parent’s attention:

“Parents, whether you have a colicky newborn or a loud teenager, QuietOn can help restore peace and quiet to your busy household. The ability to achieve a good night’s sleep while still being able to hear your infant as needed (or your teen sneaking home after curfew) is a blissful reminder that you can indeed have it all, including peace and quiet.”

So whether you are a sleep deprived side sleeper or a parent, maybe both, QuietOn can help you tremendously in your pursue for a peaceful and quiet sleep.