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Noise pollution affects both health and behavior

It is no news that a high noise level gives us restless nights. However, sleep deprivation and loud background noises even at daytime can also have a negative effect on our ability to concentrate in daily life and focus at work.

It has been shown that noise pollution has been found to lead to serious health problems such as high blood pressure and heart attacks, as well as impairing hearing and overall health.

Too little sleep affects us all

Working and studying require high productivity and performance at all times. Too little sleep and a noisy environment can severely impair this. A feeling of listlessness, the inability to think clearly, a worsened cognitive behavior and poor reaction time are only a few examples of the consequences. Any stress the brain takes on caused from disturbing background noises, can result in impaired memory and learning, concentration and a decrease in higher brain functions.

Too little sleep not only affect your own ability to work but may also have a dangerous impact on others. When driving machinery or vehicles, failure to focus can expose oneself and others to risk and even provoke accidents.

a good night sleep helps to focus at work
concentrate at work when working remotely

Perform at your best with QuietOn Sleep

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