A fact that everyone knows but ignores finding a cure: living in the vicinity of traffic noises or spending so much time on noisy highways when driving cause harms to our health. Most of traffic noises are in low frequencies, which are reduced significantly by active noise cancelling technology. Traditional foam earplugs can’t achieve such performance.

Explore how QuietOn Active Noise Cancelling earplugs can bring you luxurious quietude in a constantly noisy city.


Structures like walls and building can reduce noises but not so much with low frequencies. QuietOn earplugs significantly reduce low frequency background noises which traditionally normal passive earplugs can’t achieve such performance. QuietOn lets you rest better and improves your well- being.

Picture represent the product demonstration in airplane.

Quiet moments of reflection in big cities are hardly afforded nowadays. Imagine that you can feel peaceful and relaxing at home as if you were enjoying some precious serene moments in a beautiful forest at the end of the day, filled with thoughts and contemplations. Finnish innovators invented QuietOn to pack their country’s quietude in a small box and to deliver it to those in need.

“I use earplugs when going to work by train, subway and walking through the crowds at noisy stations. The whole trip feels much more relaxed with QuietOns.”

“It’s usually difficult for me to get a good rest during business trips. QuietOn earplugs effectively reduce the noise of people’s walking steps, traffic engine noise near the hotel, and even some sounds that come through the walls like shower, toilet flush, elevator, ect. I feel so much better after just a 15-minute rest”


“I like to work at cafés with my laptop. QuietOn’s help me concentrate and enjoy the atmosphere at the same time.”

Customer reviews from our quarterly feedback collection. Stories like these bring us our endless motivation to create even better products and to improve the everyday lives of our customers.

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