Our Mission

On countless business trips, long flights for holidays, or daily commute, the noises never leave us. Serenity has become a luxury. With this knowledge, Finnish innovators have instilled our country’s quietude in this pair of Active Noise Cancelling earplugs with compact and easy to use design accompanied by 50 hours of battery life. We wish to deliver them to those who long for an improved feeling of well being and aim to experience the boundless dimension of silence.

Picture represent the product demonstration in airplane.

The idea startED…

in an airport electronics store while waiting for a connection flight. Upon trying on a pair of noise-cancellation headphones, Janne felt like being in the silent bubble in the middle of the crowded airport and his stress levels had reduced immediately. Then he started thinking: Why hasn’t noise cancellation technology been used more?…

The answer was simple: The device needs to be wire-free and small enough to fit in the ear, easy to carry and long battery life…Janne called to his old colleague Matti, who is known as an expert in both audio and electronics. They then built the prototype together, got it tested and presented to the first investors. The feedback was great and product development was started. After one year, 13,000 QuietOn units have been shipped to 120 countries in the world


Meet the founders

Janne – founder of QuietOn, is an enthuastic innovator and user experience driven Product Manager. He has over 14 years experience of product and project management in Nokia and Microsoft. Janne has possessed a large number of patents and led teams to develop outstanding consumer products.

Matti, co-founder of QuietOn is an audio, electronics and signal processing guru. Matti has eight years of working experience from Nokia and Microsoft where he was the “golden ear” for analyzing and fine tuning the mobile phone and mobile accessory devices to their world famous audio quality.

Meet the team

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