Finally Arrived At The Destination Of Our Long Innovative Journey: QuietOn Sleep

The time has come and more and more products are leaving our warehouse in Oulu every day. We are so happy to read all the motivating reactions that show us: Our little sleep helpers give more and more people relaxing and quiet nights each day.

Finally received mine in the mail today, a big shout out to the entire team in Finland, the earplugs are awesome!!!!!! Thank you sincerely, regret I should have bought another two sets but didn’t realise it until now!! Never mine, I am looking for another revolutionary product from you in the near future. Thanks again and cheers from the Down under!!!! – Driscoll, A.

I received mine yesterday (Sunday local Melbourne Australia time). I backed QuietOn version 1 and these version 2 are much better, they much smaller than the originals. They don’t have the annoying sound played when you sleep on them. And they managed to stay in my ears all night without falling out. I also use the QuietOns riding my Harley VRod Muscle bike which according to my wife is embarrassingly loud (perfect I’d say), and they worked well. These are a huge improvement. Thank you. – J.

This product I bought from you has been amazing. I use them every day and be in peace from annoying sounds. When doing (on call duty work) these devices are crucial help for rest. Still you can hear easily the phone ringing next to you and the sound wakes you up normally.
Quickly thinking you could straight exhibit and sell these to entrepreneurs in real estate/property sector, who could then buy the products to their personnel. I have already recommended these to my own employer, that they should get these products to all duty officers in our company.
– Koivunen, K.

I just received mine and I’m over the moon with the performance. Superb noise-cancelling and no annoying beeps in my little ear canals. – Carlyle, G.

Tried QuietOn version 2 last night. Brilliant! I slept an entire night without having to make the accommodations needed for version 1. ANC cancelled the usual suspects: snoring partner, air purifier and humming ceiling fan. Once again, great work. – Blessing, C.

Wore the earplugs all last night to TOTAL SILENCE, which was a bit strange until I got used to it. No snoring, no sound of the cats, no dawn chorus of enraged pigeons. Total sleep satisfaction. HIGHLY pleased! – Allen, M.

Many thanks to all of you for your support. It is because of you that we have reached this milestone and we look forward to providing more and more relaxing nights all over the world.