Gentle snowflakes falling delicately on frozen forest ground or the restfulness of a lake in the setting sun, be it during endless Finnish summer nights, or in the bitter cold of winter, covered with a paper-thin layer of ice. These images convey a feeling of peace and tranquillity. We from QuietOn have made it our task to make this silence accessible to everyone at all times, be it in the midst of a crowd in the heart of a big city, in open-plan offices surrounded by discussing colleagues, or in the highest air during a flight over the Atlantic.

the founders

When QuietOn’s journey started

Janne Kyllönen

Founder – Innovator

Surrounded by aircraft and human noise, while waiting for a connection flight, the idea for a remedy against disturbing sounds arose. Upon trying on a pair of noise-cancellation headphones in an airport electronics store, Janne felt like being in a silent bubble in the middle of the crowded airport and his stress level dropped immediately. Then he started thinking:

Why hasn’t noise cancellation technology been used more?

Matti Nisula

Co-Founder – Chieft Engineer

The answer was simple: The device needs to be wire-free and smaller to really fit inside the ear, easy to carry while offering a long battery life…Janne called his old colleague Matti, who is known as an expert in both audio and electronics. Soon the idea of a noise cancelling earplug took shape and in 2015, the two Nokia engineers, Janne and Matti (known as the golden ear at Nokia) made the first prototypes, got them tested and validated.

The feedback was great and the development of the product began after QuietOn launched its first Indiegogo campaign, which funded 1.3 million USD for the manufacturing. The very first QuietOn earplugs were delivered to Indiegogo backers in the same year, followed by a market expansion in 2017 with more than 15,000 units being shipped to 120 countries through various sales channels, from B2B, retail to E-commerce.

the team

Skillful craftmanship and engineering expertise  

The frequent flyer segment in particular was a huge success, and a great breakthrough was also achieved in the dental sector. Dentists and patients all over the world are now protecting their hearing by wearing QuietOn earplugs during treatments. But after some time, we started wondering: When is there more need for a bubble filled with Nordic silence than during a restorative night’s sleep? This is how the next challenge for our company came about: Make the earplugs even smaller and lighter to ensure a comfortable fit inside the ear, even while sleeping on the side.

With this goal in mind, the team of QuietOn team embarked on the journey of developing a device which is about half the size and weight of the original QuietOn. But a sophisticated shape is not sufficient to ensure a pleasant and restful sleep. Therefore, the earplugs are covered by a soft cushion to sense the tenderness of silence not only through hearing but also through feeling. The active noise cancelling performance is optimized for snoring frequencies and sounds coming through walls to make the device stand out from any other earplug on the market.

Considering the final destination of Finnish quietude and tranquility on this journey, the choice of name was easily made: QuietOn Sleep.


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