Chinese travel blogger & photographer Wenfei recently tried out QuietOn earplugs with active noise cancelling technology and check out Wenfei’s experience of using QuietOn earplugs blow.

I have always been deeply attached to the Finnish land where I used to live for five years. When I learned that QuietOn’s development team was based in Oulu, Finland, I had a super familiar and intimate feeling. After leaving Finland, I have been missing this peaceful land so much. Luckily, I had this great opportunity to use QuietOn, which allow me to find a rare comfortable and relaxing moment in the chaos city once again.

The first time I tried QuietOn earplugs was on a flight from Beijing to Hong Kong. During the flight, QuietOn provided me an unprecedented flight experience ever. In nearly 4 hours of flying time, it seems as if the entire world has been all quiet down. For the first time I can feel that there is no disturbance and noise from both inside and the outside of the plane. The noise of the kids disappeared, the roar of the aircraft engine disappeared, but I can still easily talk with my friend who sat next to me. QuietOn helped me to find my own space on the plane, feeling like I hide myself in my own corner. Quieton gave me a luxury reading time on the plan as well. I also had a wonderful dream. QuietOn offered me a quiet space that nobody would disturb.

The earplugs fit perfectly in my ears

After nearly two months of using QuietOn, it accompanied me in different journeys. Regarding the use of effects or the degree of portability, QuietOn earplugs have shown its excellent performance. I became accustomed to the days of its company gradually, and I also confirmed that I can’t leave the earplugs home whenever  I am out now since it’s suffering to deal with the immense city noise in big cities in China.

QuietOn earplugs are highly recommended for frequent travellers, it worthy both of the price and experience definitely.

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