Udgum – working at Tellus Innovation Arena, Oulu University

Nepal, my country, a small nation surrounded by mountains, is almost three times smaller than Finland in size. Unsurprisingly, the population is four fold than Finland’s. The city where I come from, Kathmandu-the capital city of Nepal, alone has 1.4 million population. Guess what, its approximately 520 km2.  I let you imagine how much one has to squeeze in a public transportation, just to give you a picture of the population density.

This Christmas and New Year holidays, I visited home. To the same city where I grew up in the crowded, chaotic and blaring surrounding. I’ve spent 25 years of my life there. I had accepted chaos and noise are everywhere until I moved to Oulu, Finland. Living here for more than two years gave me an inexplicable taste of silence. The silence that I rejoice and appreciate now! The silence here is not only an absence of noise, but also a sensation of serenity and a connection with one’s self. I can’t agree more to one of my colleagues who once said tranquility experienced in Finnish woods touches not only one’s mind but soul.

Having awareness of these highly contrasting settings, I was extra cautious while visiting home this time. My ears were well aware of what’s going to come. That’s when I wished for ‘QuietOn’ ear plugs. I believe, QuiteOn is not an unfamiliar product to Oululainen (inhabitants of Oulu). They weren’t to me. Coincidentally, one of my good friends works there. She gave me a test pair to take home. I was pretty sure they would come handy. They did! I put them on whenever I was reading or focusing to complete work. They were the most useful defense or protectors when meditating.

I meditate and read every morning. Here in Oulu, having a quiet surrounding to mediate is not an issue. Back home, having 20 minutes without noise is close to finding a needle in the haystack. Through meditation I am practicing to pacify the inner noise, QuiteOn plugs silenced the outer. They assisted me to be in the moment of quietness allowing me to work on my inner equanimity. I meditated and read almost every day even in the noisy and crowded city. Thank you ‘QuietOn’!

P: S- ‘QuietOn’ plugs are in my gadgets list to take home when I return for good.

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