Informieren Sie sich über den Status Ihrer Vorbestellung.

Hallo, wie schlafen Sie? Danke dafür, dass Sie ein Teil unserer Innovationsentwicklung sind.


Unser Jahr hat erfolgreich begonnen: Wir arbeiten an den letzten Feinschliffen und bereiten uns auf die Serienproduktion der Ohrstöpsel vor.
In diesem Update werden wir Ihnen wie gewohnt die Details der F&E mitteilen und zum Schluss die nächsten Schritte erläutern.

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February Progress Update

We’ve been off to a great start this year, working towards getting our tooling perfect and preparing for the earplugs’ mass production.
In this update, as usual, we’ll share with you the details on the R&D and the next steps will conclude the update.  

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January Progress Update

As we have been using the earplugs for our daily lives, most lately on our flights and during the stay at hotels, we do understand how anxious some of you are to get the earplugs right away. Also, the support and positive feedback we’ve got from people we met at CES have given us immense energy. During this long and challenging process of product development, we are truly grateful…

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Voices of November

The test is successful, enabling the new changes to be applied to the plastic body. Great news is that our manufacturer has also confirmed the new plastics and other components are ready. We are very excited that it’s time to assemble all together and…

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Pre-Order No. 2

We understand that many of you have been so eager to get QuietOn Sleep for a sound sleep at last. We have good news for you, things have been moving forward positively in production at our factory in Poland, Europe. Hannu, our manufacturing director had been staying…

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