Which ones are the best earplugs for snoring

Many devices with noise cancelling for sleeping on the market are designed to provide you with quieter moments. But to what extent do the devices differ? In what way are QuietOn Sleep earbuds different from Bose sleepbuds ™ and other sleeping earphones?

QuietOn earbuds help you sleep better anywhere

Bose produced wireless earbuds for Sleeping, using noise-masking.

The Bose noise-masking device, called Bose Sleepbuds, create another sound which is louder than the unwanted noise, so that people would not hear or recognize it anymorethe device thereforemasksthe disturbing noise. It may be more pleasant to be surrounded by calming sounds such as rainfall, the sound of a windmill or a campfire, but at the end you need to listen to that continuous masking sound and cannot enjoy moments of quietude

White noise machines playing noise-masking sounds from their speakers are among the Bose sleep buds alternatives, which are not wireless earbuds for sleeping. In this category, The New York Times selected the most effective device LectroFan.

In contrast to noise-masking devices, QuietOn Sleep earbuds work with active noise cancelling technology by using a microphone to sample the sound, and a speaker to create a phase-shifted sound that cancels the original sound. The earplugs for sleeping reduce the noise as much as possible, while ensuring a pleasant fit and a long battery life so that you are not woken in the middle of the night by loud snoring.

In addition to devices designed to help you sleep better, there are also other larger noise cancelling products, mostly in the form of noise cancelling headphones to listen to music with, such as Apple Airpods Pro or Sony WF-1000XM3.

The smallest earbuds for sleeping

The biggest difference as compared to QuietOn Sleep is the size. Music listening devices with Bluetooth connectivity consume so much more energy that they also require a larger battery, which goes in line with the bigger size of the entire product. The increased size also means that the device may be unsuitable and uncomfortable for sleeping. The picture demonstrates the size comparison between SONY WF-1000 and QuietOn sleep earbud.

But not only the size contributes to the unsuitability of music listening devices for sleeping. As music is played, the device consumes more energy, making a good and continuous night’s sleep difficult. 

QuietOn earbuds do not play any music or have any sort of connectivity – meaning they are totally safe to use. The wireless earbuds for sleeping are designed to be the smallest and best noise cancelling sleeping earphones, they are comfortable and their usage time per single charge is 20 hours.