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CES 2019: QuietOn Brings Silence To The City Of Endless Nights

Surrounded by glamour, glitter, the Nevada desert and the newest technology, QuietOn spent five exciting days in the casino metropole of the US. But despite Las Vegas’ reputation of being “the city that never sleeps”, QuietOn left Finland with the objective of bringing silence into the local hustle and bustle. With more than 180.000 visitors,…

With more than 180.000 visitors, the Consumer Electronics Show is one of the largest trade fairs for consumer electronics worldwide. Once again this year, thousands of technology enthusiasts were drawn to the Las Vegas Convention Center, all of them full of excitement concerning the newest innovations and surprises which the electronics industry currently has in store for them.

Our small earplugs were met with a lot of attention and acclaim. Especially in exhibition halls, immersed in the tumult of countless people and noisy discussions, everyone longs for a little break and a peaceful corner for themselves to disconnect from their surroundings every once in a while. Finding a quiet place within a crowd is certainly not an easy task to accomplish. The magical formula for an instant isolation remains undiscovered, yet QuietOn enables the reduction of surrounding background noise. Often an astonished smile or the signs of an inner aha-experience flashed onto the faces of the visitors of our stand, after the realization of how easy silence can be. More information concerning the technology of QuietOn Sleep can be found here: https://sleep.quieton.com/technology/

Reactions like these remind us that every obstacle we encounter on the long and stony journey to the best possible earplug is worth it. Despite delays and numerous barriers on our way to the final version of QuietOn Sleep, we are approaching our goal by one step after each stumbling block which we overcome. In order to successfully conquer this long road, positive and inspiring words are essential and much more meaningful than a win at one of the many slot machines in the Casino of the Venetian Resort Hotel.