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Now’s the best time to get QuietOn and finally enjoy better sleep. It’s also a great gift to surprise your loved ones, so that they can sleep better, feel better and improve their well-being in the long run. Here you can find a great discount, which you can use in the checkout process.

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QuietOn 3.1 Sleep earbuds are active noise cancelling earbuds designed for sleeping.

People worldwide suffer from sleep deprivation caused by high noise levels. By drowning out snoring, traffic or neighborhood noise, QuietOn helps with getting a better sleep.

If you are looking a perfect gift for a married couple, Christmas, fathers day, mothers day, family with new born or for a graduation gift, this is for you!

QuietOn 3.1 is out now!

It features an improved noise canceling experience and greater comfort to further enhance sleep quality.

Performance: QuietOn 3.1 earbuds automatically switch over to active noise cancelling mode, transporting individuals to a calm and peaceful space regardless of environment. This transition makes the supreme performance and noise canceling ability of QuietOn even more obvious and noticeable, creating a calmer and more soothing quiet environment for users.

Comfort: QuietOn 3.1 comes with new improved foam tip material which is perfect combination of the softness and noise cancelling performance.

QuietOn Use Cases

QuietOn 3.1 Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds

The earbuds feature both active noise cancellation and passive noise reduction to provide optimal noise attenuation.

  • Ergonomic design, 4 sizes of comfortable and soft foam eartips
  • 28h battery life/single charge
  • Free fast delivery globally!

Package includes: earbuds, eartips (XS, S, M, L), charging case, charging cable.

ANC in tiny technology

This is how the Active Noise Cancelling in QuietOn 3 earbuds works:

  1. Microphone takes a sample from the outside noise.
  2. The tiny active electronics inside the earbud creates a phase-shifted and equalized sound.
  3. The phase-shifted sound is then played through a speaker thus cancelling the original noise.
  4. The energy for the device is provided by re-chargeable battery.
  5. The soft memory foam tip ensures a tight fit in the ear and handles the passive noise cancelling.

With our three generations of earbuds for sleeping, QuietOn is proud to be the smallest active noise cancelling device on the market today and the only one suitable for sleeping.

This graph illustrates how Active Noise Cancelling technology makes the difference, compared to Passive Noise Cancelling. QuietOn 3.1’s unique approach of combining ANC and passive noise reduction gives the best possible results when you can not sleep because of sleep disturbance and it is especially effective when cancelling low frequency noises, such as snoring or traffic noises.

Frequently Asked Questions

“The ANC function worked remarkably well. Comfortable enough to not even notice they are in ear.”


I felt rested after sleeping with the QuietOn 3 earplugs in use, so I would recommend them if you struggle with sleep because of external noise.”


“We were so impressed with QuietOn’s third iteration of their sleep earbuds in our review that we’re naming them the best overall sleep earbuds on the market right now.”


The noise-canceling technology they’re made with will give you the quietest, calmest snooze of your life.”

-Women’s Health

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How about some peaceful and restful sleep as a gift? Everyone deserves relaxing and energizing nights. Now, with QuietOn 3.1, you can make sure your loved one wakes up well-rested, despite noise exposure caused by a snoring partner or traffic noise in the city. Treat them to an improved sense of well-being and life. Give the gift of quiet nights with QuietOn 3.1 Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds!