Dear backers,

We are reporting from a productive and very positive week to you. The three shifts a day are paying off, and production and yield are making significant progress. We have already shipped about 2500 units by now and this week, around 500 pairs of earbuds (we sent out 121 yesterday, for example) are on their way to you, out into the wide world, on a mission to make golden silence available to everyone.

Also this week some of our colleagues are present at the TFWA in Cannes, a duty free & travel retail global summit, which brings together over 500 exhibitors, aiming to make the travel experience easier and more enjoyable.

QuietOn Sleep has received great interest during the TFWA and we have had hundreds of visitors in our stand. Several airlines, airports, and travel retail operators have come and tested QuietOn Sleep, as have many individuals who have seen our advertisement in the trade publications, or heard about us other ways during the expo. Frequent travelers and travel enthusiasts from all over the world are fascinated by the way the little bringers of quietude drown out disturbing background noises.

It is wonderful and rewarding to know that we can provide sleep and rest seekers all over the world with their small portion of tranquility.
As the saying goes, “Silence is gold”, and to deliver this silence to you is worth pure gold to us.

Have a nice rest of the week,
Yours, QuietOn team

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