After the last update on the project progress, we are more than happy to get the motivating feedback from our dear backers. It’s important for us to cooperate with you in this “Sleep innovation”, as you are the driving force for entrepreneurs like us to bring the novel concepts to life.

Your update is well received for two important reasons. First, original schedule slipped and no announcement thus raising concern. Second, more communications is better than less communications, especially in calming expectations.

I look forward to receiving my QuietOn device. – McCarty, W. 


I lived a couple of years in Finland, so I know what you mean when you say “Finns are rarely proud of themselves” and I do think you should be proud indeed. You’re doing a great job with this campaign. You’re setting very demanding goals and will meet them. Way to go! As for delays, they’re to be expected with this kind of project. Heck, even companies with tons of money, such as Tesla, have to deal with delays. I’m just happy your priority is doing as good a job as possible. Thanks a lot! – Paris, T. 


Thank you so much for your update! Keep up the good work! – Pettenkofer, P.


Informative update, great job! While obviously I’d like our orders shipped I completely understand the delay and am very impressed with the explanation. – Douglas, C. 


I’m a new backer and I just wanted to say that I actually appreciate the delays. It’s much better to receive a product that has been polished with testing and refining than one that is rushed out the door. Keep up the great work! – Snyder, J. 


Thanks for the response. Ironically the voices-of-november release appeared a day after I sent my inquiry. I am product manager in tech so I am intimately familiar with the operational issues of releasing complex products.

I greatly appreciate your company’s transparency and desire to build an exceptional product.

I can wait until next year :-).

Keep up the hard work and best of luck with the final build. – A Webshop backer


I fully understand the need to get this working properly in airplanes and would rather have the unit a month later, than not have this issue fixed. To put this into perspective, I have backed a number of crowdfunded projects and nearly all of them were a year or more behind their promised delivery date. A month behind schedule is still awesome in my opinion. Keep up the good work and deliver a great product to us – Walker, P. 

We are truly grateful for these comments! We’re definitely trying our best best!

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QuietOn Crew!

Keep you posted soon!

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