We understand that many of you have been so eager to get QuietOn Sleep for a sound sleep at last. We have good news for you, things have been moving forward positively in production at our factory in Poland, Europe. Hannu, our manufacturing director had been staying there for many days to cooperate with the team in Poland, in preparation for delivery on the third week of October.  However, a couple of days ago we hit a small speed bump.

The earplugs were tested on airplanes by some users, and got great feedback (you can recheck the user feedback video on the page), nevertheless to the standards of our engineers, on the flight back from Warsaw airport to Finland, Matti recognized that the earplugs’ performance could have been better on the airplane as it should be as good as in other use cases (snoring, commuting,….). The reason was that the air pressure becomes different in front and back of the speaker. The back of the speaker is sealed in an airtight plastic enclosure, and the front is exposed to the air in the user’s ear where the airplane cabin pressure fluctuations are present. The pressure difference pushes the thin plastic diaphragm to its extreme position which makes it hard for the diaphragm to reproduce audio signal.

We have worked hard to look for a solution and found one (because a major part of our backers also wants to use it for sleeping on the airplanes due to the Sleep earplugs’ comfort). The solution to this is to manufacture a long and narrow air passage between the front and back of the speaker. Air can slowly flow through the canal and equalize the pressure difference. The canal resists faster air pressure changes such as sound, so it doesn’t affect the Active Noise Cancellation system. The narrow dimensions of the passage require special attention, so it stays open during manufacturing phases. We have experimented with 3D-prints and adhesive samples and the result is positive.

One single use case might not sound big enough to pause our production, while it’s already validated for snoring, commuting and other disturbing noises coming through wall while sleeping. However, we are aware that nowadays many of you are airport hoppers, who spend most of the nights sleeping on airplanes. We would therefore want to make it perfect for this purpose as well.

How does this affect our delivery schedule? 

It needs to be tested with real molded-plastic parts once they are available in the second week of October. The complicated R&D of innovations is always full of uncertainty. You guys are those who have faith in us from beginning to bring this to life, so I do hope that you keep it till the end.

Despite the small speed bump (for which we already figured out a solution), overall things are going well. The prototypes have got back from IFA exhibition in Berlin and received great feedback from visitors, buyers, and journalists (as in the featured picture). The current factory with big capacity can handle all of the orders in a short time and you are sure to get your device soon. We would love to express our gratitude for your patience and support throughout. We will not take any rest till you get your product delivered to your door.

Many kiitos,



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