Another enthusiastic customer who wrote about QuietOn. He works for a tour operator in Italy.

Travelling usually is a relaxing and enjoyable. But for someone like me can also be quite stressful.

Working for a tour operator focused on group experience, I often find myself travelling in exotic countries to try our offer and refine it before taking it to the public. This often comes with some downside, and the most relevant is noise: a noisy airplane cabin, a noisy bus transfer, a noisy waiting room between flight connections.

Until trying the QuietOn ANC earplugs, I was using a decent wax solution but that was not ideal. The modulated and fine tuned sound suppression built in QuietOn product really let you fall in your silent and relaxing personal bubble everywhere you want. And you don’t even have to worry about useful sounds not alerting you: QuietOn choose a well designed curve of frequencies to filter, so when a flight attendant ask you if you prefer the vegetarian option for dinner, you can hear that without even taking these little miracles of modern technology out of your ear!



Comfortable and with an almost invisible design, QuietOn earplugs fit perfectly in basically all ear canals with just the standard foam buds and if not, a couple of different sized buds are included in the package. Using them is even easier than using regular foam earplugs: as soon as you open the super compact carrying/charging case, they’re active and ready to use. Just twist them into your ear to better position them and you’re ready to go: no wires, no Bluetooth pairing to do, nothing; impossible to mess up.

Sleek and with a super long lasting battery (50 hours of battery life can let you be quiet even on the longest flight combination you can imagine), QuietOn earplugs really helped me enjoy more my trips and I’ll recommend them to every single client that will ask me the perfect earplug to get for a trip. Oh, and did I mention that they’re 100€ cheaper than any other effective ANC solution?

P.s. There is a little something that I would like to point out: if the air pressure is low (3500+ masl ) the noise cancellation seems to be a little less effective, probably due to the different sound speed. Not that they became ineffective because they’re still amazing, but the difference is there to a careful ear.


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