QuietOn, what is it?

Many people get on the plane, take their blanket and their pillow out and are already in the land of dreams, I really envy them very much. I myself can never relax on a plane, because the permanent, loud hum of the engines disturbs me massively. As a result, I never arrive at my destination rested, feeling totally stressed and tired.

Conventional earplugs hardly show any effect against these noises. Then the possibility of testing QuietOn, for which I was selected, came in very conveniently.

In reports I had read that QuietOn, unlike conventional earplugs, attenuates low frequencies, such as the humming of aircraft engines, construction sites or other background noise. QuietOn’s active noise cancelling technology filters them out almost completely. As a result, the sound of aircraft engines would only be perceived as a low humming noise.

The earplugs reached me shortly before the flight to Los Angeles, so at a perfect time to try them out right away.

The package included 1 pair of QuietOn earplugs, three different eartips, a micro-usb cable and a charging case.

50 hours of active noise cancelling!

The earplugs work without cables and activate themselves as soon as you take them out of the box. To make sure they are used correctly, the bottom sides are labeled L and R. One battery charge is sufficient for up to 50 hours of active noise cancelling. The charging case fits in every pocket due to its small size and can therefore be used everywhere without any problems.

Sure, they’re not cheap, but I think they’re worth the price. In any case, they enabled me to enjoy a quiet and relaxed flight: The first one on which I spent a few hours asleep during the long journey to California and arrived relaxed and unstressed in Los Angeles.

QuietOn for nightly peace in the bedroom!
However, the earplugs cannot only be used for humming engines, but also to sleep quietly in a hotel or at home. Since the earplugs are small enough and comfortable, you can easily sleep with your head on the pillow while wearing them.

That was a reason for me to test whether they also suppress my husband’s snoring. For years I haven’t been able to sleep without earplugs, he snores in a way that the walls are shaking.

At first I had to get used to QuietOn’s low self-noise, which sounds like quiet rain or the rushing sea. But the snoring sound of my husband was no longer hearable and I slept soundly.

Admittedly, the QuietOn are not quite cheap, but when I consider how much money I have spent on conventional earplugs during the last few years just to be able to sleep peacefully, they are worth their price for me. They are reusable, rechargeable and last up to 50 hours on one battery charge.

This certainly makes them interesting for many people who have to stay overnight in hotels. Even in these places, there are often many sources of noise that do not permit a restful sleep, no matter if it is only the snoring neighbor.

In case I aroused your interest, Have a look at the webshop:https://quieton.com/shop/ 

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