Northern Industry 2018 is the largest and only industrial trade fair in northern part of Finland where heavy industries and high-tech companies work together. The event gathers 5000 professionals from mining, steel and forest industry as well as from energy sector, chemical industry and from numerous service providers and equipment manufacturers.

Northern Industry 2018 themes include maintenance solutions and technology, services and equipment for mining and new technologies in industrial automation. The program highlights digitalization and lean in industry and numerous major investments in northern area, including Fennovoima nuclear power plant investment and latest news from the mining industry.

This year, the event was held on 23-24 May, Oulu, Finland. The participants of the event were mainly SME enterprises. QuietOn earplugs were presented to visitors and the active noise cancelling technology attracted people to try the earplugs. We have received following comments from the visitors who tried QuietOn:

– “Noise environments changes a lot in our company, I have to work at the office and have to visit many times in the noisy production side during day. QuietOn product fits very well to this environment, because I can use it all the time in the different noise environments”
– “ I work as a teacher for the metal shaping class. The room contains lot of different kind on noise elements. Simultaneously I have to discuss with the students. QuietOn is a perfect match for this usage with the great noise cancelling features”

Not only does QuietOn protect industry employees from tiring industrial noise created by machinery and other noise sources, but also offers people a more peaceful working environment to make them more focused at work. Additionally, QuietOn active noise cancelling earplugs are speech-friendly hearing protectors. The earplugs have noise reduction ability across all frequencies, and particularly perform well at low frequencies (machinery noises) so that wearing the earplugs reduces volume without distorting conversations from a co-worker, and the speech sounds more natural.

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