International travel bloggers Sani & Richi aka Salty Toes recently tried out QuietOn active noise cancelling earplugs during daily meditation and brought along a pair for their nearly 30 hour flight from Vienna, Austria to Auckland, New Zealand below is their review which has been translated from German to English.

German text can be found here:

I was allowed to test the earplugs from QuietOn in the airplane!

Very special earplugs! Earplugs with active noise suppression ensure that low frequencies cannot penetrate the ear canal!

Sounds like a good idea, but do you keep what you promise?

My first attempt to operate the earplugs failed immediately. Cause I’m a grouch about device description. But there was the mistake that I put it “wrong” in my ear. After the short Youtube video I also tried it out right away during my daily meditation. Pleasant to wear and therefore I was already curious how they will prove themselves during the flight.

Practical and handy, the ear plugs can be stowed away in the included packaging, which also acts as a charger. The battery life of approx. 50 hours ensures long periods of rest even when there is no charging station nearby.

Since the usual earplugs usually fell out of my earplugs and the lying down with headphones caused a lot of pain, I was already looking forward to a worthy replacement.

The first attempt in the plane surprised me immediately, because unlike my already proven carry at home, I noticed in the plane an immediate reduction of aircraft noise.

I also found lying down and sleeping with the earplugs very pleasant, without any pressure.

Conclusion: For frequent travellers who would like to make use of optimal noise suppression, a clear recommendation to buy. The price of € 170 is an expensive purchase, but for anyone who simply wants to hide all the noise in the airplane, at work, in the shopping mall or even when jogging, a good investment and the possibility to take a break from everyday life. Personally, I would also have liked the earfitting wigs in more neutral colours, such as white.

Thank you for your kind words Sani & Richi!  Whether international travel or a short flight are in your future, QuietOn earplugs make the perfect companion to ensure a less stressful experience.  Make sure to purchase a pair here prior to departure!

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