Susanne and Patrick from Berlin, writers of the ‘Von Ort zu Ort’ blog, wrote QuietOn earplugs review. The text has been translated from German into English. You can check the German text on her blog at the link below:


Just a day before our trip to Milan we received a parcel from Finland. The Finnish-based company QuietOn sent us one of their sets of QuietOn active noise cancelling earplugs for testing during our flights.

What is QuietOn?

QuietOn is an earplug.Okay, there are many types of earplugs on the market. We also protected our ears by wearing earplugs at the Formula 1 car race in Barcelona. QuietOn is an earplug equipped with built-in electronics to reduce mainly low frequency noises. Other frequencies are also reduced, but not as much as the low frequencies. This makes QuietOn ideal for noise reduction of aircraft engines, washing machine noises or low-frequency tones from your neighbourhood. Sounds such as alarm tones can still be well heard.

How does QuietOn work?

QuietOn has built-in active noise cancellation technology. QuietOn is targeting to reduce low frequencies, such as the humming sound of aircraft engines. According to the manufacturer, QuietOn noise reduction ability goes up to 40 dB.

The earplugs contain a microphone that records the sounds directly in the ear canal. A small speaker produces a phase-shifted sound that eliminates the original sound. Practically an “antisound” is being created, which enables noise suppression at the eardrum. For the user, this results in a stress reduction, as the noisy environment, in our test caused by the aircraft engine, becomes quieter.

Before the first use it is necessary to recharge QuietOn, the battery power lasts 50 hours according to the manufacturer. I found the small case in which the earplugs are stored particularly practical. The charger is plugged directly into the case and a small LED lamp indicates when the charging is completed. But don’t worry, for charging you only need a normal micro-USB cable which is included in the package. We always carry the cable with us and do not have to carry any additional cables.

Our experience with the earplugs

At Schönefeld airport we unpacked the earplugs and put them in our ears for the first time. Immediately the background noise around me calmed down a lot. My first impression – ok, that also works with other earplugs. But this QuietOn is not meant for that. The focus is on filtering out and reducing the noise frequencies in the aircraft. I quickly picked the right size of eartips for my ear and proceeded to boarding.

In the airplane I inserted the earplugs again in the ear.  As soon as the engines were running, the effect was audible immediately. The noise of the engines was comparable to the humming of a weak air conditioning system once it reached my ear. Even at the takeoff, when the engines generate a lot of power and therefore a lot of noise, it was pleasantly quiet for me.

I admit, in between I took one of the earplugs out of my ear a few times to see if my impression was confirmed. The difference was really impressive. On the return flight Patrick was then allowed to test QuietOn during the start. He was also very enthusiastic about the difference and right away demanded his own pair of earplugs for the next trip.

What particularly impressed me was that the sounds of the announcements are only slightly reduced. You don’t have to worry about missing important announcements and you can also leave the earplug comfortably in your ear during the safety briefing.

I usually find it relatively difficult to sleep in the plane. During this flight I fell asleep almost immediately after the take-off and only woke up for landing. It was wonderfully quiet around me, the soft humming of the plane was pleasant, almost soothing. Also the return flight – after I got the QuietOns back from Patrick – I slept so well and got out of the plane happy.

I am enthusiastic about QuietOn and will certainly continue to use the earplugs. The case and plugs are designed in such a way that they do not “weigh too much” even in hand luggage. You can take them in your pocket or handbag with you to the airplane, thus considerably reducing the noise pollution affecting your mind and body. Really great!

Buy your own set of QuietOn active noise cancelling earplugs here!

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