The following feedback was received from an Instagram follower who has been suffering from her hypersensitivity to noise.

“This is a story of gratitude and a call to all hypersensitive people out there. I am hypersensitive to noise and I have been all my life. It means that I can hear sounds that most people don’t even register. Some frequencies have for me the effects of nails on a blackboard, repetitive sounds make me want to do incredibly violent things to make it stop. It is something that causes me physical pain and no end of anxiety.

I used to think I am the problem, too sensitive. I need to toughen up and be more tolerant of others. But being hypersensitive is not being “too sensitive”, if such a thing even exists. It means that my body doesn’t process stimuli the same way it does for most people. As such, no matter how much meditation or voodoo or pills I applied, I was and always will be hypersensitive to noise.

I spent countless nights awake because of the faint sounds of my neighbours, living their lives, crying because I was so incredibly tired, yet my brain doesn’t let me ignore the noise. Suffered in silence because of a repetitive sound, music frequency I couldn’t bare but didn’t dare to say anything.

Loud is bad but low frequency is the worst, especially at home. I can hear the neighbor’s sound system, their voices. I used to wear construction work ear defender on top of earplugs, have a white noise machine or music on to drown the other sounds, and yet sometimes still hear some of it. Never enough. So it became about finding copy mechanisms…

And these, in this picture, have changed my life for the better. They are my best shield: white noise earplugs that drown out low frequency noises. I can still hear people around me speak and not be totally cut off from the world, yet it blocks all the bad noises.  It has helped me more than I can say and I’m so grateful.!!! I put these on as soon as I feel that noises are getting to me, mainly at home, and my peace of mind and my sleep have been changed in more ways than I can tell….I wanted to share this story, hoping that if there are people like me out there, you might be happy to know that this exists!”


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